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Nearly 400 years later, another exemplary city—this one secular, high-tech, and on the northwestern coast of South Korea—has appeared, on a landfill. Some of the developers of Songdo (which means “island of pine trees”) call it “The City of the Future.” Others have dubbed it “The World’s Smartest City” and “Korea’s High-Tech Utopia.” What, if anything, might such a city have in store for a tourist?By the time we touched down at Incheon Airport in May, we knew Songdo’s short history.

There are lovely pedestrian thoroughfares flanking clothing boutiques and restaurants with outdoor seating.Speeding across one of the longest cable bridges in the world, jet-lagged but unwilling to close our eyes, we asked the taxi driver what he thought of the brand new city whose skyscrapers rose hopefully ahead of us.In his limited English, he responded without much enthusiasm: “It is nice.”John Winthrop's famous sermon to the Massachusetts Bay colonists, as they approached what would become Boston in 1630, referred grandly to “a city upon a hill,” Winthrop's Christian vision of an ideal community.Before attending the Adult Day Program, my husband was isolated, frustrated and challenged.Sadly, he required more support than I could provide on my own, while I recovered myself, and took care of my mother.

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